Mining Careers

The mining industry is growing at a very fast pace.  Because of this, the demand for skilled, as well as, unskilled labour keeps increasing.  Unskilled vacancies in mining can range from trades assistants, labourers, kitchen staff and cleaners.  If you feel like learning, starting at the bottom and working hard to get to the top, these jobs are up for grabs for you.

Careers available for Skilled Mining Professionals:

IR Specialist – (Investor Relations Specialist) Investor relations is a job that was created to communicate with investors and financial institutions and the financial press.  They act as the bridge in, and out of the company they work for.  They are also the “gatekeeper”.


  • Senior Certificate
  • Human Resources Management Degree
  • Min. 5 years experience in the mining industry
  • Post-graduate qualifications will be to their advantage

Engineering Manager – Plan, direct, organize and coordinate all the technical and the engineering operations of a company, mining organization.


  • Senior Certificate
  • Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Degree or Diploma
  • Government Certificate of Competence in the Mining Industry & Works
  • Registered with MTEC
  • Min. 10-15 years experience

Mining Manager – Responsible for the managing of all mining projects.  Assisting in staffing matters, outline all project plans, project deadlines and project goals.  Evaluation of performances.


  • Senior Certificate
  • Degree or Diploma that is Industry related
  • Certificate of Competency in mine management
  • Certificate in Rock Breaking and Rock Blasting underground ticket
  • Min. 8 years operational experience in Mining and Technical disciplines
  • Min. 4 years experience in Senior Management
  • Medically fit
  • Computer literate
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Added Advantage – Honours Degree /MDP/MBA

These are only a few of the career opportunities that can be followed in the mining industry.