5 Measures to implement that can Help Prevent Mining Accidents

Because of the, most rugged, and remote areas where mining operations are run, and the unique type of dangers that exist in the mining industry, you can expect a bigger cause for accidents.  However, the mining industry is one of the work environments that are very strict with safety regulations.  They do implement specific safety regulations, practices and methods throughout the mining operations.

5 Measures to Ensure the Prevention of Mining Accidents:

  1. Good Training Programs; because of the dangers that are associated with mining operations, all the people on a mining site should undergo extensive safety training in their area of work. A compulsory health and safety training program should be implemented in a mining operation.  Refresher courses should be done each year and whenever a miner is assigned a new job.
  2. Simulation Training; because of the evermore high-tech machinery and tools that are used in the mining industry, a machinery simulator or virtual reality simulator can be used in training. Through simulating the actual mining emergencies and conditions, workers will be better prepared. 
  3. Keeping up with the newest Technology; can help in reducing fatality and injury rates in the mining industry. The standard of protective gear and equipment are upgraded regularly.  This includes adequate communication devices, safety lamps and more.  Technology is used in many ways, for instance, gas management, fire alarms, ventilation, etc.
  4. Machinery; mines can now set-up a fully robotized operation for dangerous mining tasks. These operations can do drilling and explosives charging processes.
  5. Safety Legislation; Health and Safety standards have been developed by international mining groups to be implemented in all their exploitation and production, operations, in their mines worldwide. This standards and prescriptions together with local regulations can create a much more protected environment.

Having well-trained professionals, miners, and all other workers, can raise the safety standard of a mining site by much.  Keeping up to date with new technologies, new safer working methods and employing all health and safety measures can also help with the prevention of mining accidents.

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