5 Informative Facts about Mining that you Might not have Known

There are things you might or might not know about the mining industry.  The mining industry is booming because of the rise in the price of mineral resources and metal resources.  The argument should be that it will be a good career choice to make, but take note of these facts first.

5 Facts about the Mining Industry that you should know:

  1. Mining jobs will be found in Countries that have mining areas: This fact you should take into consideration when you’re thinking of starting work in the mining industry.  You will have to move to the mining site if you are going to work there.  This is something to think about; because it is going to be a very different type of environment.
  2. Mining jobs are more dangerous and unhealthy than jobs in other industries: Mining sites can be in very isolated, remote, unusual and rough terrain.  Work continues in any kind of weather and climate, extremely hot to icy cold conditions.  Underground mining is more hazardous than surface mining, although, both has its own dangers
  3. 24/7 Working hours: The mining industry works in 12-hour shifts, lasting 10 – 14 days, with a few days off between these day shifts.  You might need to remain in the mining camp for long periods because of the remoteness thereof, and the long shifts.
  4. Different types of jobs are available: Obviously, the most common jobs will be for jobs in the mining areas itself, like engineers, technicians, miners, machine operators, etc.  But there are also jobs available in the more administrative area, for instance, IT, secretarial, drivers, cleaners, cooks and more.
  5. You should have an interest in the mining industry: Working in the mining environment can be quite challenging and will require stamina, a healthy physique, fitness, as well as, mental stamina.  Without having an interest and passion in the mining industry you won’t be successful.  Mining is hard work.

Also, take into account that mining will not stay just another job; it can become a no-return choice of work.  Once you’re there, it gets in your blood and stays there, forever.

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