So … You were thinking about changing your job, finding a new environment to work in, going to exciting, new places?  And, then you thought, “why not change to a career in mining”?  You will definitely experience new places because mining activities can be in remote, far off, areas, in mountains and underground.

However, to work in the mining environment might not be all you expect.  Before you will even be considered for any kind of mining job, you will need certain qualifications and experience.  The Experience you cannot get without the qualifications.

This is actually a big problem to overcome.  Most Recruitment agencies require certain skills and qualifications before you might be eligible to apply for mining jobs.  They will encourage you to do certain mining site tickets, which will cost you money, and still no guarantee that you will land a job.

After doing a bit of research and gathering information about working in the mining industry, and you still feel this is the way you want to make a change, you should change the way you go about finding that mining job.  Because of the lack of experience in this work environment, there is only a limited number of mining jobs you will be considered to fill.

Identify the jobs that you will be able to do, and focus your attention on that area.  You can try speaking to friends with friends who know something about mining, or a friend of a friend that actually works on a mine.

Only when you have a job offer you can get the specific qualifications needed for the mining site you are going to work on.  That way you will not waste any money.